• How to Become a Better Presenter – some advice and a partial book list
    In decades of giving and attending thousands of presentations, I’ve learned a thing or two about how to give a talk, a webinar and a technology demonstration. Back in 2015, while I was working for Evans Data in Santa Cruz, I created a blog post “Most Everything I learned about … Read more
  • The Worst and Best Delphi Programs I Ever Created
    My Worst Delphi Program The worst “on-the-fly” (pun intended) Delphi demo I ever wrote was a thread based sort program (Dreaded Sorts). I created the code on the flight from San Jose to Seattle for the Microsoft Windows 95 launch. The launch took place on Thursday August 24, 1995 on … Read more
  • My First Trip to “The Computer Doctor”
    The first personal computer I owned was an IMSAI 8080 kit computer that I bought and put together in December 1975. Putting the IMSAI kit together involved a lot of soldering: Soldered all twenty-two slot S-100 bus connectors onto the non-solder-masked motherboard Soldered the front panel circuit board, Intel 8080 … Read more