A C++ Language Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup Hosted by David Intersimone “David I”

This session was presented by David Intersimone as part of Embarcadero’s CodeRage 2018 virtual developers conference. The conversation took place live online on December 4, 2018.

Bjarne Stroustrup (designer and original implementer of C++, Managing Director in the technology division of Morgan Stanley in New York City and a Visiting Professor in Computer Science at Columbia University) participated in a C++ conversation with David Intersimone “David I” (Embarcadero MVP). Bjarne recently attended the ISO C++ committee meeting in San Diego where committee members continued work on the next International Standard (IS), C++20.

This CodeRage conversation covered some of the recent language proposals as well as other important C++ features that will be included in the future. Specific C++ areas David asked about included the future of generic programming (Concepts), how to better organize C++ code (Modules), and how to ensure stability in the language while also allowing the language to evolve.

Books by Bjarne Stroustrup

A Tour of C++ (C++ In-Depth Series) 3rd Edition

Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++ (2nd Edition) 2nd Edition

The C++ Programming Language, 4th Edition 4th Edition

Roberto V. Zicari interviews Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++ programming language

Roberto V. Zicari interviewed Bjarne Stroustrup, the inventor of C++ programming language, back in 2007. Roberto again interviews Bjarne 13 years later.

In the interview, Bjarne talks about notable computer scientists that influenced his career and work. Bjarne also talks about why he designed the C++ language and why he started with the C language. Bjarne also talks about three guiding principles for the design of the C++ language: “Make the language simpler! Add these two essential features now!! Don’t break (any of) my code!!!”

Read the interview on the Roberto’s ODBMS.ORG site.

My Conversations with Bjarne Stroustrup

I’ve also had two opportunities to talk live online with Bjarne about the C++ language during past Embarcadero CodeRage online conferences:

A Conversation with the C++ language designer, Bjarne Stroustrup
Monday, December 10, 2012
C++ Language Conversation with Bjarne Stroustrup and David Intersimone
Tuesday, December 4, 2018


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About Roberto Zicari

Roberto is Full Professor of Database and Information Systems at Frankfurt University. He was for over 15 years the representative of the OMG in Europe. Previously, Roberto served as associate professor at Politecnico di Milano, Italy; Visiting scientist at IBM Almaden Research Center, USA, the University of California at Berkeley, USA; Visiting professor at EPFL in Lausanne, Switzerland, the National University of Mexico City, Mexico and the Copenhagen Business School, Danemark.

About Bjarne Stroustrup

Bjarne is a Technical Fellow and a Managing Director in the technology division of Morgan Stanley in New York City and a Visiting Professor in Computer Science at Columbia University. Bjarne designed and implemented the C++ programming language. To make C++ a stable and up-to-date base for real-world software development, Bjarne says “I have stuck with its ISO standards effort for almost 30 years (so far).”

Bjarne Stroustrup’s homepage

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