Bjarne Stroustrup’s CppCon 2020 Plenary is Available on YouTube

Bjarne Stroupstrup’s CppCon 2020 plenary sesson, “The Beauty and Power of Primitive C++“, is now available on the CppCon YouTube channel.

From his CppCon 2020 talk description: This is an exploration of a design space close to the hardware and of the use of C++ in that space, rather than a standards proposal or the presentation of a mature tool chain. And, no, by “primitive”, I don’t mean “old-fashioned, C-like” code; some of the general techniques are old, but some of the code requires C++17 and much could be done better given features we are unlikely to get even in C++23.

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I’ve also had two opportunities to talk live online with Bjarne about the C++ language during past Embarcadero CodeRage online conferences:

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