6 Efficient Things You Can Do to Refactor a C++ Project by Bartlomiej Filipek (Bartek)

Bartek posted an article today as part of a series of his work modernizing/refactoring a legacy C++ project. His series of articles takes an old C++ application and brings it up-to-date.

In the article, Bartek covers the following techniques:

  1. Having the latest Compiler and correct C++ Standard version
  2. Fix Deprecated or Removed C++ Features
  3. Unit Tests
  4. Decouple or Extract Classes
  5. Extract Non-member Functions
  6. Reduce the Global State

Read the article on Bartek’s Blog

Note: portions of this article text and images are © Bartlomiej Filipek, 2020.

About Bartek


Bartlomiej Filipek (Bartek) is a software developer in Krakow Poland. He works at Xara as a C++ developer. Bartek is a Microsoft MVP and author of two C++ books:

C++17 in Detail: Learn the Exciting Features of The New C++ Standard! (paperback version available on Amazon)

C++ Lambda Story: Everything you need to know about Lambda Expressions in Modern C++! (Kindle version available on Amazon)

Twitter: @fenbf
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bartlomiejfilipek/ 
Blog: https://www.bfilipek.com/
Email: bartlomiej DOT filipek AT gmail DOT com


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